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Save time with cow monitoring

It sounds like an impossible challenge, finding and maintaining your optimal work-life-balance on the farm. This becomes even more challenging when the herd size increases. Detecting cows in heat, identifying sick cows and making accurate decisions, all becomes increasingly difficult for producers as the herd grows. Methods like tail chalking or visual detection put high demands on labor and require precise timing. Then, a cow monitoring system could save valuable time by keeping track of your cows’ reproduction, health and nutritional status.

Fertility Insights
Accurate information about cow health is essential to succeed in dairy farming. Therefore, CowManager monitors the cows’ condition with great precision and provides producers with the most accurate information about a cow’s fertility status. CowManager developed the feature Fertility Insights, which is based on a smart algorithm. It continuously combines ear-sensor data with various management systems worldwide. Fertility Insights informs you of your cow’s fertility status;
⋅ Cycling
⋅ Cystic
⋅ Possible pregnant
⋅ Suspected for abortion
This data can be downloaded in reports, which are easy-to-use for reproductive management and vet checks. A quick overview of all cow data enables dairymen to make faster and substantiated decisions. It supports producers in selecting cows for insemination, minimize pregnancy checks and cow stress, and is a genuine time saver.

Peace of mind
‘I am able to go away, knowing that
all cows are being monitored’

My results have improved
gets pregnant within 150 days’

CowManager is my Herdsman
‘I can select my cows
within 10 minutes’



“To be able to look up any cow, at any moment”

That is what makes Michael Johnson of Trailside (Fountain, MN) a satisfied CowManager user. He considered hiring a herdsman to monitor his cows, because there just were not enough hours in a day to do a good job himself. Instead, he decided to invest in CowManager. He quickly got used to the system and was able to make fast and accurate decisions right from the start.






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