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CowManager 2018 Year in Review

We had an inspiring and impactful year at CowManager thanks to our employees, customers, and dealers. Here’s a look at some of our best moments.


New Branding
CowManager revealed a fresh look and feel and has rebranded their on- and offline communication to improve their brand awareness and grow its worldwide dairymen network. CowManager’s new tagline ‘Accuracy. No less’ explains that accurate information about cow health is essential to success in dairy farming. The better you know how your animals feel, the better equipped you are to take the right action at the right time.



New Features
CowManager introduced Fertility Insights and set next steps towards big data platform. Its new data integration capabilities accelerate cow fertility insights and have been designed to collect, manage and process the enormous amount of data being created 24/7 about a cow’s fertility status.






Find my CowNo more hide and seek!
CowManager launched new module ‘Find my Cow’. Find cows easily in the barn or on pasture with the user-friendly locator saving your valuable time. With Find my Cow, CowManager now provides dairymen with a complete monitoring system to maximize their profits. This new feature is fully integrated with CowManager’s other unique modules Fertility, Health and Nutrition. This combination makes it easy to find cows in heat and intervene fast after receiving health alerts.


Successful Events
New features and excitement at World Dairy Expo 2018. CowManager was there, attending the exhibitiontogether with Select Sires. It was an exciting week, showcasing new features Fertility Insights and Find my Cow.




CowManager standed out at EuroTier 2018 with its own booth. CowManager was proudly present with a special designed booth. Besides our own stand we were also represented at the World Wide Sires Deutchland booth, our new partner in Germany, and at the EuroTier Special ‘Digital Animal Farming’.





Happy Customers
“CowManager came in in January. That made my life unreal. Find my Cow is very easy to use. It made things so efficient to find out where your cow is instead of walking back and forth and looking at all your numbers. You hold it in your hand and it literally lights up. It helps saving labor and time and my employees love it!” Katie Falk, Southern Ridge Cow Palace, United States, 600 cows.




“To be able to look up any cow, at any moment” That is what makes Michael Johnson of Trailside (Fountain, MN)a satisfied CowManager user. He considered hiring a herdsman to monitor his cows, because there just were not enough hours in a day to do a good job himself. Instead, he decided to invest in CowManager. He quickly got used to the system and was able to make fast and accurate decisions right from the start.






Unique Achievements
Monitoring 10,000 cows within a blink of an eye. Keeping close watch over of this number of cows is challenging and labor intensive. Where others failed to meet their expectations,CowManager stepped up and delivered.


....and always growing as a team.
New partners. World Wide Sires Deutschland became a new partner for CowManager in Germany. CowManager believes in strong customer relationships with professional local expertise, therefore we cooperate with several dealers worldwide. Our dealers are carefully selected based on their reliability, local presence and expertise in the dairy industry. They are trained to provide excellent support and take your experience with CowManager to the next level.


New office. The new office enables CowManager to accommodate headcount growth across all departments. The modern building, which is located next to its own testing farm and previous office in Harmelen, allows room for additional hires and interns. The newly build office is a more flexible and accessible venue for meetings, product demonstrations and events.

New employees. We have welcomed new employees in the Netherlands, but also abroad. Holger Wegner joined CowManager as product specialist in Germany and James Kevelbaard joined CowManager as product specialist in California, the United States.

We wish you all happy holidays and all the best for 2019!
Let's make it a success together.





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