Sörans Gård

“CowManager is the best investment we’ve made on the farm over the years”

Sörans Gård in Sweden (200 cows), owned by Twan and Claudia Gloudemans, installed CowManager in January 2014. Since then they have relied on CowManager for 100%. The system allows them to monitor the cows from the whole herd or cow group, but also individual cows.

Claudia: “We have everything under control with CowManager”. Twan and Claudia breed their cows while fully relying on the heat alerts in CowManager. Cows that do not show up on the heat-list anymore are often pregnant, very rarely they are not pregnant. “When we receive a heat alert, we wait until the next milking to breed her”, says Claudia.

Three times a day, Twan and Claudia go through all dry cows and fresh cows in CowManager to check their eating/rumination and temperature. “If we see one of them is ruminating less and has an increase in temperature, we immediately go and check her”. On the lactating cows, they act immediately: “We go to the barn and check as soon as we receive health alerts”. Claudia: “Once, during a vet check I received two health alerts from two lactating cows on my CowManager phone app. On the course of the graph I could see those cows were very sick, so I told the vet. He could not believe I could read that from my phone, he checked those cows and diagnosed them on E. Coli. He was surprised by what I could read on the CowManager health graph in my phone!”

They also keep a close eye on the nutrition overview in CowManager. “If they stop eating/ ruminating, something very strange is going on, so we know we have to take action." “CowManager is the best investment we’ve made on the farm over the years” states Claudia.

Claudia Gloudemans - Sörans Gård Sweden