Add tools to find and sort your cows based on alerts.


Auto Drafting is the first fully automatic drafting solution and integrates with LIC’s G3 Protrack. With this integration cows that require special attention are drafted automatically based on their heat or health status in CowManager. With smart filters and flexible schedules you can ensure that the right cows will be waiting for you after milking. This new feature saves valuable time and reduces stress, especially during breeding season.

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Find my Cow

Find cows fast with user-friendly cow locator
Find my Cow's user-friendly cow locator fits in your pocket and enables you to locate cows in the barn, outside on the feed lot or on pasture. This feature is fully integrated with all of CowManager's modules. The Find my Cow locator can be used by a variety of employees to find a cow or multiple cows quickly.

”My experience with Find my Cow is that it really saves me time I can now spend somewhere else at the farm. Find my Cow makes CowManager complete." 
Dimitry Gruppen, Dittmanssdorfer Milch GmbH, Germany

Find my cow device is used to pinpoint certain cows from a row of cows.