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CowManager's cow locator
Find my Cow

“We are extremely proud of this module,” says Gerard Griffioen, founder of CowManager. “This is proof of our expertise to keep innovating our revolutionary and user-friendly cow monitoring technology. We will continue to improve our platform to make farmers' lives easier and achieve a successful and sustainable future in global dairy farming.”

Highlights from our customers
“CowManager made my life unreal. Find my Cow is very easy to use. It made things so efficient. To find out where your cow actually is, instead of walking back and forth and looking at all your cow numbers. You hold it in your hand and it literally lights up. It helps save labor and time and my employees love it!” View the full video testimonial. Katie Falk, Southern Ridge Cow Palace, United States (600 cows).

Sander Penterman from Dutch Dairy LLC, United States (850 cows) has also used Find my Cow. He believes this will help him and his employees spend less time looking for cows that need to be bred, treated or given special attention. “I’ll be able to walk by and find cows just standing in front of the feedline,” he says. Read more about Sander Penterman's experiences with CowManager.

Dimitry Gruppen from Dittmannsdorfer Milch GmbH in Germany (3000 cows) has also tested Find my Cow during its pilot phase. He says: “I started testing Find my Cow a few months ago. My experience with Find my Cow is that it really saves me time I can now spend somewhere else at the farm. Find my Cow makes CowManager complete."

Get in touch
CowManager’s tool Find my Cow is available worldwide. CowManager is distributed by several dealers. For availability in your region, please contact your CowManager representative or fill out the form below to be contacted by a sales representative near you.