The Fertility module maximizes heat detection for higher preg rates. Combining heat intensity and heat stage with cow data, providing valuable insights into the cycles of individual cows.


Detailed heat detection

CowManager’s smart algorithm continuously provides accurate data about heat intensity and heat stage of each individual cow. The Fertility module helps to identify peak heats, silent heats, pregnant cows, and even potential abortions. With an overview of all cow data you will exactly know when a cow is in heat and when to breed, improving your pregnancy rates and overall breeding management.

“Our heat detection rates have doubled since we installed the system.”
George Booth, UK - 500 cows

fertility insights




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Heat alerts and graphs

The Fertility module shows you ‘potential’, ‘suspicious’ or ‘in heat’ alerts. By clicking on a specific alert, you can view the activity graph of an individual cow, to determine the time of insemination. The most ideal time to inseminate a cow is between 10 and 22 hours after the onset of a received in heat alert. All alerts are refreshed and calculated every hour.

“To be able to look up any cow, at any time, on my phone and make decisions about each cow in real time when I am at the farm or at home has been very beneficial to me.”
Trailside Dairy, USA - 500 cows



Fertility insights

Fertility Insights is a valuable feature of the Fertility module. Combining the CowManager alerts with cow data from various management systems gives detailed insights into the cycles of each individual cow. This provides answers to questions like: Is she cycling or cystic? What is her heat interval? What is the best moment to inseminate? Is she still pregnant or has she aborted? Is her uterus clean after calving?.


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Dairymen all over the world rely daily on CowManager to monitor their cows’ fertility and optimize farm performance and cost-effectiveness. Download the CowManager Demo app and we'll take you on a virtual tour to show you how easy to use our app is and how you can use it to monitor your cows 24/7.

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