The Modules

CowManager monitors your cows' fertility, health, nutrition and location with impressive accuracy. Our modules are based on ear temperature, activity, rumination, eating and resting time.

Fertility at Speedling Graner Farms





Increase profit with timely insemination
For years, dairy farms have depended on timely and efficient breeding to maximize profit. The biggest challenge they face in this area is heat detection: knowing when an individual cow goes into heat.

CowManager provides data about heat intensity and heat stage for maximizing heat detection. By combining these alerts with cow data, CowManager gives you valuable insights into the cycles of individual cows.

“I don’t watch for cows in heat anymore. I trust CowManager to do that for me.Speedling Graner Farms, USA, 340 cows

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Early disease detection based on individual cow behavior
Healthy cows are key to a successful dairy. CowManager will alert you immediately whenever a cow is not eating or ruminating, so you can act early on. This will save you money on labor and antibiotics and reduces milk drops.

CowManager is also an outstanding tool for monitoring the recovery of sick cows, providing you with ongoing insights into substandard cow behavior and ear temperature.

“Walking the pens twice a day to check for visual signs of illness just isn’t necessary anymore.”
North Road Dairy, USA, 600 cows

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Health at North Road Dairy






Improve herd performance with eating and rumination time insights
A decline in eating and ruminating behavior can be an early indicator of health issues – and extra costs. CowManager gives in-depth insights on cow nutrition and well-being on individual and group level. Receive alerts for heat stress, group health issues, feed intake and transition problems.

This allows you to work efficiently and proactive, resulting in better cow health and a more productive herd. It significantly reduces feed, labor and medical costs which leads to maximized profitability.

"With the insights the Nutrition module provided, we were able to implement management changes. This has contributed tremendously to healthier fresh cows and higher peak milk production.”
Wilfried Reuvekamp, Hilltop Dairy, USA, 2200 cows

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Why choose

Dairymen all over the world use CowManager so they can focus on the right cow at the right time to boost their business and optimize cost-effectiveness. CowManager’s user-friendly ear sensor system for tracking cow fertility, health, nutrition and location is the kind of solution every dairy needs.

Why choose CowManager

  • In control of your cows 24/7
  • Saves labor and valuable time
  • User-friendly technology with plug-and-play installation
  • Increases cow health and herd productivity
  • Fantastic online support and local dealers
  • Always up-to-date thanks to over-the-air programming

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