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Efficient farming

Efficient cow management saves costs

Managing the individual cow is challenging. What if you could manage your herd from your smartphone, 24/7? CowManager’s ear sensor makes it possible to continuously monitor cows. It has been designed to collect, manage and process the enormous amount of data about a cow’s health status. It is like an extra eye in the barn, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It will save time, labor and costs and increase efficiency.

 “Cow comfort is our number one goal and efficiency is our number two goal,” says Sander Pentermann, owner of Dutch Dairy, 850 cows, WI. “We try to accomplish this with as little manpower as we can.” Read the full story.

”CowManager is probably one of the most efficient investments we've made in the last few years. It looks after cow welfare better than we can ourselves."
Barry O’Mahony, 200 cows, Ireland.
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Monitoring cows

Save time & costs

CowManager is easy to install. It is a wireless system, no cables are needed. With guidance from our dealers and online Knowledge Base CowManager can be installed very quickly. It is a complete plug-and-play system which is compatible with various farm management systems. The system monitors cows 24/7, so also during the night. This is a big advantage as most cows are in heat at night and then show different behavior. The data transmitted by the sensors is collected by (solar) routers which can be installed either inside or outside. CowManager gives an alert when a cow shows deviant behavior, for example when a cow is sick. The sensors detect sick cows earlier than the farmer, which leads to 1-2 days earlier health alerts before the cow is clinically sick. This makes quick intervention possible, and an early treatment can be started, saving a lot of medical expenses. Instead of looking at the whole herd and search for possible sick cows, the dairyman can directly go to the cow alerted by CowManager. This way dairymen can save a lot of time and costs in searching and spend their time more efficiently.

Sharing information with external staff

Real-time alerts and easy to read colored graphs are shown in the mobile app or in the web application. Even third parties like, veterinarians and herdsman, can have visibility and control over the herd’s performance with the Multiview functionality. In this way they can still discuss the fertility, health and nutritional status of the herd and intervene fast where needed. Dairymen can authorize them to access and use the system from any place. The system is always equipped with most accurate information and the latest developments through free over-the-air-programming updates to both hardware and software.




Efficient farming
with CowManager

Thousands of dairymen in over 30 countries rely daily on CowManager for an accurate understanding of how their cows are doing – and for optimizing farm performance and cost-effectiveness. 


  • Quick intervention & reduced medical expenses with 1-2 days earlier health alerts
  • Optimized insemination time by combining heat intensity and heat stage with cow data
  • Management from your smartphone 24/7 saves time, labor and costs
  • Wireless system. Just plug and play!
  • Continuous innovations for free via over-the-air programming
  • System authorization of third parties through Multiview
  • Integration with management systems leads to more detailed alerts and efficient decision process