Fully in control with Auto Drafting

Save time Auto Drafting your cows with CowManager

Auto Drafting is the first fully automatic drafting solution and integrates with many drafting gates in the market. With such an integration cows that require special attention are drafted automatically based on their heat or health status in CowManager. With smart filters and flexible schedules you can ensure that the right cows will be waiting for you after milking. This new feature saves valuable time and reduces stress, especially during breeding season.


Leading benefits

  • Auto Drafting saves valuable time before and during milking as it is no longer necessary to manually go through the cow alert list in CowManager and you don’t have to check and look for the alerted cows during milking either.
  • The automated workflow results in peace of mind as the cows that require attention are automatically drafted after milking.
  • Auto Drafting provides flexibility as you’re in control of the filters and time schedules yourself. Adjust the settings where and whenever you want to ensure the right cows are drafted.
  • It provides the opportunity to work, inseminate and treat cows more precisely.