Paulus Dairy LLC

“It’ll pay for itself. It's a no-brainer as far as I'm concerned.”
Paulus Dairy LLC, 1,550 cows, Fredonia Wisconsin, United States

In control over your cows 24/7!

  •  Combining behavior with ear temperature: leads to 1-2 days earlier health alerts before the cow is clinically sick.
  •  Maximize heat detection for higher preg rates: combining heat intensity and heat stage with cow data (Fertility Insights) provides valuable insights into the cycles of individual cows.
  •  Recognized as a very accurate and complete cow monitoring system.
  •  User friendly App: simple and intuitive with easy to read colored graphs.
  •  Quick and simple installation: wireless system, no cables needed, easy to tag ear sensors. Just plug and play!
  •  Continuous enhancements and innovations for free: always up to date through over-the-air-programming.
  •  Excellent technical service support: online knowledge base, global reach and local personal support.
  •  Low initial investment with Subscription+: monthly, quarterly or yearly fee.
  •  Fast Return on Investment (routinely report 12 to 24 months): less labor, earlier health intervention, reduced medical expenses and less cull cows leads to higher milk production.