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Easy connect with your herd management system!

CowManager integrates with a large number of herd management systems all over the world. CowManager uses the data to ensure more detailed alerts about a cows’ health, fertility and nutrition status.

Some herd management systems have a two way interface with CowManager. Such an interface gives dairy farmers the opportunity to see their cow data simultaneously in both systems, which provides very accurate information about cows 24/7. All information from both systems is considered when calculating alerts about a cow’s performance. More information means more detailed alerts and an overall better-informed decision process. 

CowManager integrates for free with herd management systems mentioned on our website. This includes start-up costs and costs for maintenance. Do you want to know which functions of your herd management system can be integrated? Check out all integration possibilities here!

George Booth: “When we started using CowManager, we had to double enter information into both CowManager and our herd management CIS, but now they are interfacing with each other our work is a lot simpler. We put all our information on the CIS phone app which is synced with CowManager twice a day, so we receive really accurate information. It saves us a lot of time having all information in one overview.”

Try CowManager yourself. Download the free Demo App and discover all the benefits of monitoring your herd 24/7 with CowManager.

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