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CowManager wins Agribusiness Award

On Wednesday the 18th of December it was announced at the National Economic Agricultural Congress from Boerenbusiness that CowManager has taken out the Agribusiness Award 2019 for their leading ear sensor system. Bron:

The Jury for the award noted that the CowManager leading edge is their ear sensors ability to simultaneously detect temperature, activity and rumination and the Jury goes on to explain that for such a young tech company their accurate use of such complex data is outstanding.

The system streamlines farmers workload and decreases stress by enabling them to monitor their herd from anywhere and with the early health alerts farmers are able to act swiftly to care for the cow’s health increasing the animals well being.

CowManager was congratulated for the feat of working with over 2000 farmer’s worldwide in over 30 different countries. While the return on investment for the system varies based on the farms circumstances the average farmer will see the system pay itself off in 1 – 2 years.

The Jury says that there was some extremely tough competitors with over 40 companies applying for the award however without a doubt the pioneering company CowManager came out on top.

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