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CowManager launches the new CowManager Control Center
THe new CowManager Control Center Dashboard Green

This month, CowManager launched the new CowManager Control Center. The CowManager Control Center is our new and improved software program, from where all the local CowManager software can be managed. Updates can be carried out remotely and because of better insights into the functioning it is easier to support from a distance.  

CowManager Control Center 
The CowManager Control Center contains all the CowManager software needed. The basic software which communicates with the CowManager Server and where application settings can be controlled and adjusted.

In addition, the CowManager Control Center contain additional software which can be installed when it is needed for the specific dairy farm, for example: 
•    Coordinator Service; for when a coordinator is connected to a PC 
•    CowData Interface; receives data from a management system*
•    Drafting Export; integrates with sorting gates*
•    Alert Export; sends CowManager alerts to management system 

*Click here to see with which management systems and sorting gates CowManager is able to integrate with. 

Custom Download 
A great advantage of this new software is that it isn’t necessary to download all available CowManager software. Only the basic software needs to be installed and the additional software can be downloaded based on the customer’s needs. This saves memory and reduces dependence on the local PC. And when the additional software might be needed at a later stage, that’s no problem, it can be downloaded also after installation of the CowManager Control Center. 

Automatically Transferred
By the end of 2021, all our customers will be automatically transferred to the CowManager Control Center. 

More information about e.g. activating sensors in the new CowManager Control Center can be found on our knowledge base

About CowManager 
Thousands of farmers in over 40 countries already rely on CowManager’s user-friendly ear sensor system, which helps to manage their herds. CowManager’s system monitors each cow 24/7, it is an extra pair of eyes on the herd. This valuable management tool shows real-time alerts via easy-to-read and colored hourly behavior graphs on your smartphone or desktop computer. CowManager monitors health, fertility, nutrition, and location, with impressive accuracy.

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