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CowManager introduces Auto Drafting integration with Protrack
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CowManager, the leading cow monitoring company, has announced its new feature - Auto Drafting. Auto Drafting is the first fully automatic drafting integration solution released by CowManager and currently integrates with LIC’s Protrack. This new feature allows cows with a heat or health alert to be automatically drafted based on the animal’s alerts. It saves farmers valuable time and reduces stress, especially during breeding season.

The Auto Drafting technology removes the need to manually enter the cows requiring special attention. With the user-friendly Auto Drafting application, farmers are fully in control over which cows are drafted through alert filters and time schedules. Its integration with Protrack makes it possible to draft cows to multiple directions i.e. cows with a health alert are automatically draft left and cows with a fertility alert, to the right. This gives farmers the opportunity to work, breed and treat cows more precisely. It saves time, costs and can result in lower empty rates and improved general health of the herd. 

“Now with the integration, if the cows are on the platform or on the yard and they transition into the green, into their full heat then they get drafted straight away which is definitely a bit of stress relief as well” explains James Dallinger, owner of Taane Farms in Cambridge. 

CowManager created the Auto Drafting integration with Protrack after huge demand from farmers. “A manual interface with LIC’s herd management system MINDA was already created and data could easily be manually imported into CowManager. This new draft integration allows farmers to fully focus on the cows that require extra attention and prevents data entry mistakes” says Koen van Meurs, Head of R&D at CowManager.