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  • World AG Expo World AG Expo United States
    Interview with Stef from CowManager
  • Select Sires Select Sires United States
    The CowManager brochure of Select Sires
  • Jon Losa Jon Losa United States
    CowManager Klanttevredenheid met Jon Losa - Losa Dairy
  • Steve Aamodt Steve Aamodt United States
    CowManager Customer Satisfaction ft. Hubbard – Oregon
    Listen to the story of Steve Aamodt, who started using the CowManager system last fall and shows that also pasture based dairy farms enjoy the benefits of CowManager
  • Mark Natzke Mark Natzke United States
    CowManager Customer Satisfaction ft. So-Fine Bovines
    Mark Natzke, independent nutritionist at So-Fine Bovines explains he really likes the CowManager system. It gives him very valuable information about a cow’s health, rumination and eating time.
  • Kelly Callahan Kelly Callahan United States
    CowManager Customer Satisfaction ft. Callahan Dairy - Washington
    Farming sometimes demands our time more than the cows do, and that challenge was part of the reason Kelly Callahan wanted to check out CowManager. Since installing the system, Kelly now has another set of “eyes” monitoring his herd 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Cow Management Cow Management United States
    World Dairy Expo S1.E3: Cow Management Technology

    Like many companies, CowManager launched their new product feature the week of Expo. What new technology have you found in the WDE Trade Show?
  • Milco Dairy Milco Dairy United States
    CowManager - Detect Sick Cows Sooner
    Nico Niessen, owner of Milco Dairy and County Line Dairy, and Paul Benders, manager, talk about how CowManager® helps them identify sick cows in their milking herd sooner than with manual detection. Learn more at
  • Santiam Dairy Santiam Dairy United States
    “These little tags have really changed the way we do business!” Drew Johnson – Santiam Dairy, United States
  • Deluur Dairy Deluur Dairy United States
    Improve the pregnancy rates and decrease the number of cull cows, with ease
  • Trailside Holsteins Trailside Holsteins United States
    Mike Johnson - Trailside Hoslteins, US
  • Double A Dairy Double A Dairy United States
    ‘Monitoring 10,000 cows within a blink of an eye’
  • Prairie Star Dairy Prairie Star Dairy United States
    John and Meghan Palmer
    “CowManager is an invaluable tool for our dairy”
  • Paulus Dairy Paulus Dairy United States
    Testimonial Paulus Dairy LLC, 1,550 cows, Fredonia Wisconsin, United States.
    “I would like to think that we are good herdsmen and we
    do know our cows but it still does beat us to the punch with cows. It’ll pay for itself. It's a no-brainer as far as I'm concerned.”
  • Michael Johnson Michael Johnson United States
    Podcast Trailside Holsteins, United States

    How dairyman Michael Johnson has integrated eartag activity monitoring. Minnesota dairyman Michael Johnson has been using eartag activity monitoring from CowManager for four and a half years. In this episode, he talks about his experience installing the technology, his results and advice for other dairymen who may be considering similar technology. Johnson operates Trailside Holsteins in Fountain, Minnesota, and milks 600-cows.
    Podcast by Walt Cooley, Editor Progressive Dairy. Full article, Page 34, Progressive Dairy.
  • World Dairy Expo 2019, Virtual Farm Tour World Dairy Expo 2019, Virtual Farm Tour United States
    Hosted by: Paulus Dairy LLC, Fredonia, Wis. Owned by Mike and Lori Paulus, their son Andy and daughter, Tiffany Schneider.
    Highlights: 1,550 milking/Managing for Sustainability
    Sponsored by CowManager & Select Sires Inc.
  • Virtual Farm Tour of Paulus Dairy LLC Virtual Farm Tour of Paulus Dairy LLC United States
    Virtual Farm Tour of Paulus Dairy LLC, 1550 cows, Fredonia Wisconsin, United States. Owned by Mike and Lori Paulus, their son Andy and daughter, Tiffany Schneider.
  • Activity monitoring Activity monitoring United States
    One thing leads to another with activity monitoring at Benthem Brothers Dairy
  • Jan van Vliet Jan van Vliet United States
    A little over 12 months ago, Jan Van Vliet tried CowManager through the Seeing is Believing trial. Initially putting CowManager ear tag sensors on 50 cows, Jan saw the benefits of the electronic herd health monitoring system right away.

    “Before CowManager we spent a lot of time every day in the fresh pen looking at all the cows. With CowManager we now go directly to the cows that need our attention, instead of rolling through the entire group. CowManager lets us be more proactive and head off problems before cows get really sick,” said Jan.

    “When we receive an alert that a cow is not “acting” normally we drench her right away. Previously we would not have seen cows like this begin to struggle because there are no outward signs. With CowManager it’s identified early, and we are able to fight off illness and keep them producing. You can find sick cows without CowManager, but it’s not as easy, and it’s usually too late. Our recovery rate from sickness is higher, and our culling rate is down because of CowManager."

    "CowManager makes us more efficient and saves us time. It has reduced our labor needs for monitoring fresh cows, which allows us to do other things on the farm. We believe CowManager has already paid for itself. We only wish we had installed it sooner.” - Jan Van Vliet, Van Vliet Dairy
  • Summit Farms Summit Farms United States
    Discover how the owners and staff at Summit Farms, Plymouth, Wisconsin, work with CowManager everyday.
  • Marcus Hollmann Marcus Hollmann United States
    Marcus Hollmann, nutritionist and consultant for Summit Farms (Wisconsin, USA) about the Nutrition module: “I really like the outstanding graphs. They capture not only the snapshot of the herd today, but also let me view changes over time very quickly, comparing eating and rumination times. CowManager is a tool in our toolbox to respond quickly, finetune the cows’ diet and essentially make the dairy more profitable.”
  • Dutch Dairy LLC Dutch Dairy LLC United States
    Sander & Amy Pentermann (Dutch Dairy LLC) share how they get to spend more time with their kids by using CowManager at their dairy farm.
  • Family Farming Family Farming United States
    Michael Johnson, Trailside Holsteins says: "I can attend my kid’s events or go on vacation and not be full of worry."
  • Prairieland Dairy Prairieland Dairy United States
    Virtual Farm Tour at Prairieland Dairy, Wisconsin.
  • United Vision Dairy United Vision Dairy United States
    "When you figure out the investment, it's a cheap employee that monitors every cow 24/7. It allows me to walk in, look at my monitor, know which cows are in trouble and get them taken care off." Watch Steve Yaeger's (Manager at United Vision Dairy) story.
  • Taking one more step Taking one more step United States
    Tiffany Schneider from Paulus Dairy (Wisconsin, USA) shares the results so far with CowManager at their 1500 cow dairy.
  • CowManager Expert CowManager Expert United States
    AI Specialist shares his experience of using CowManager
  • CowManager Expert CowManager Expert United States
    CowManager Specialist Scott Heceker shares the benefits of using CowMaanger at dairies.
  • Brochure Brochure General
    The CowManager Brochure
  • Brochure Brochure General
    CowManager Brochure
  • Broschüre Broschüre General
    CowManager Broschüre
  • Cor Veldhuisen Cor Veldhuisen Netherlands
    Melkveehouder Cor Veldhuisen runt samen met zijn vrouw en zoon een melkveebedrijf met 130 melkkoeien in Nigtevecht (Utrecht): “We hebben nu CowManager twee jaar. We hebben voor CowManager gekozen omdat we het idee hadden dat met name door de temperatuurmeting via het oor de beste manier is om te kunnen monitoren of een koe gezond is. Vroeger pakte je ook zelf het oor van een koe beet om te voelen of die koud of warm was”.

    Ook zijn zoon, Jaco Veldhuisen, is enthousiast over de mogelijkheden van CowManager en de verbeteringen die op het bedrijf te zien zijn: “Ik kijk regelmatig op mijn app van hoe het zit en welke koeien tochtig zijn of welke een gezondheidsmelding hebben. Er zijn geen koeien meer die je mist”.

    Op het bedrijf worden de koeien door Cor Veldhuisen zelf geïnsemineerd, aan de hand van de tochtmeldingen van CowManager. Op de applicatie van CowManager is te zien hoelang een koe al tochtig is, op die manier kun je het optimale inseminatietijdstip bepalen. Dit heeft ook effect op de tussenkalftijd verteld Cor Veldhuisen: “Ik ben van 430 dagen tussenkalftijd gezakt naar 390. Dat is helemaal toe te schrijven aan sensoren”.

    CowManager geeft niet alleen tochtmeldingen maar ook gezondheidsmeldingen. Dit ervaarde Cor Veldhuisen afgelopen zomer, toen er van kuil veranderd moest worden. Van de een op de andere dag ontving hij allemaal gezondheidsmeldingen en bleken alle koeien last te hebben van pensverzuring: “Het eerste wat je dan doet als je dat ziet, is gelijk hooi voeren. Ik denk zeker, door sensoren, dat we er op tijd bij waren”.

    Cor Veldhuisen is zeer te spreken over CowManager en de service: “Als er wat aan hand is met een kapotte sensor, je meldt het en je krijgt een nieuwe toegestuurd. In ons geval werkt het en ik denk dat we het snel terugverdiend hebben. En het is gewoon een stuk bedrijfsgemak”.
  • CowManager E-book CowManager E-book
    Discover the values of CowManager for your dairy farm