Privacy Policy


a. Privacy Policy: this Privacy Policy;

b. User: each user of one of our websites or app(s);

c. CowManager: CowManager BV, Gerverscop 9, 3481 LT Harmelen, The Netherlands

d. Website: the websites and app(s) under (e.g.,, app).

1 General

1.1. This Privacy Policy describes how CowManager uses the personal data of its Users.

1.2. The personal data used by CowManager are: name, function title, business name, address, billing address, email, phone number, etc.

2 Collection and use of personal data

2.1. CowManager collects the personal data of a User when the User has submitted this personal data through the Website of CowManager, for example when requesting information about the services or products of CowManager.

2.2. CowManager uses this personal data solely for the purpose for which the User has provided such personal data to CowManager.

2.2.1. If the User has requested information about the services and products of CowManager, CowManager uses the personal data in order to satisfy that request.

2.2.2. CowManager may also use the personal data to inform its Users about the products or services of CowManager that may be of interest to the User (e.g Newsletters). If the User has any objections to such use, he or she may contact the Sales department (+31 (0)348-443840).

3 Information sharing with third parties

3.1. CowManager will not transfer personal data of its Users to third parties unless:

3.1.1. the information is transferred to a processor hired by CowManager for the purposes set forth in this Privacy Policy and with whom CowManager has an agreement to ensure that the processor provides sufficient guarantees regarding technical and organizational security measures with respect to the processing operations to be carried out; or

3.1.2. the information is transferred to a CowManager dealer in a specific region; or

3.1.3. CowManager is legally obliged to transfer personal details to competent authorities.

3.14. if a reorganization or a transfer of business activities takes place at CowManager as a result of which CowManager is required to hand over personal data to another organization

4 Cookies

4.1. CowManager uses so-called "cookies". Cookies are small text files that are stored by the computer whenever the Website is visited. The cookie remembers information entered by the User on the Website in order to facilitate repeat visits and attune the content of the Website to the User, making it unnecessary to repeat personal data entry. Cookies cannot harm your computer or read any information on your computer's hard disk.

4.2. To reject all cookies or to receive a prompt each time the computer receives a cookie the settings of a computer can be changed with the "Help" function on the toolbar of the computer’s browser. Some functions on the Website may not work if a computer cannot receive cookies. If the User would like more information in this regard, please see our Cookie Policy or he/she may contact

5 Right of inspection and removal

5.1. The User has the right of inspection and removal of his/her personal data pursuant to the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG Netherlands).

5.2. If the User wishes to exercise any of these rights or has any questions concerning this Privacy Policy, please contact CowManager via, CowManager BV, Gerverscop 9, 3481 LT Harmelen.

6 Security

6.1. CowManager applies a security level to the processing of the personal data that suffices, within the possibilities of current technology, to avoid unauthorized access, alteration, publication or loss of your personal data. The security of your personal data is dependent on your login data (username and password) being kept secret. You yourself must arrange for that by handling your login data with due care and never making them available to a third party.

7 Retention period

7.1 We store information for an undetermined period. This is according to what most Users expect. If you want to change this, please contact

8 Amendments to the Privacy Policy

8.1. CowManager has the right to amend this Privacy Policy. Any amendments will be announced on this page. CowManager therefore recommends that the User regularly checks this page for any amendments.

The current Privacy Policy was last updated on 25-05-2018