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for a CowManager Experience Program


Sign up now for our Experience Program! To experience the advantages of an integrated technology when it comes to cow health optimization and herd profitability.

Save time, costs and work more efficiently.

We, as CowManager, are very confident in our cow-monitoring solution and we are more than happy to give new customers the opportunity to experience CowManager themselves for 90 days. Because we believe that ‘seeing is believing’ is the best way to experience the system.

The Experience Program consists of:

  • 50 Sensors
  • 50 Blank Tags
  • 1 Coordinator
  • 1 Router

The following conditions apply:

  • This promotion is only available for NEW customers.
  • Your dairy has minimal 50 cows or more..
  • The Experience Program has no extra costs for these hardware items when you decide to continue after the trial. After the trial the contract will be activated and you will be invoiced for the software modules.
  • You can complete your package for your herd for normal hardware prices.
  • Installation support might take place remotely (due to COVID-19 measures).
  • This promotion is available until July 15, 2022.