The Story and People

Let us tell the CowManager story and get to know the people behind the product.



Mission & Vision

To improve productivity and profitability of dairy farms worldwide, CowManager is committed to keep innovating its revolutionary and user-friendly cow monitoring technology providing accurate data about cows’ performance.

Our vision is to continuously develop smart and easy to understand solutions to make farmer’s lives easier and achieve a successful and sustainable future in global dairy farming.

Family Owned

CowManager is family owned (since 1984) and has it’s own dairy farm.

By Dairymen

CowManager is developed for and by dairymen.

Global Reach

CowManager has customers in over 40 countries.

Proven Technology

Sensor on the market since 2012. Never outdated due to updates.


User-friendly technology with plug-and-play installation.


CowManager is used in research conducted by 25 universities worldwide.

The Story

With the world’s population growing and prosperity increasing, sustainable milk production is more important than ever. At the same time, rules and regulations get stricter while raw materials, labor and energy become more expensive. With all this in mind, sustainability and productivity is clearly the key to success for all dairy farmers. That’s why back in 2004, when Gerard Griffioen (founder of CowManager and dairyman himself) visited a dairy farm in Wisconsin (US), saw them improvising to get a grip on the yield of their livestock, he decided to intervene and invented CowManager.

Everything CowManager does is focused on the dairymen’s needs. CowManager is continuously in development to serve modern dairymen that need innovative solutions and insights to beat the challenges they are faced with. CowManager has revolutionized the world of cow management systems with groundbreaking innovations and has invented the active ear tag technology. Our product is based on years of knowledge, research at universities and test farms and the overall drive to improve every day.

CowManager provides most accurate and real-time information on three areas: fertility, health and nutrition. These measures are based on ear-temperature, activity, rumination, eating and resting time. It is an essential system in professional farm management making farmers’ lives easier by finding cows in heat and catching sick cows earlier. All resulting in increased pregnancy rates, healthier cows, improved production, lower mortality rates, reduced veterinarian costs and labor and decrease in use of synchronization programs and antibiotics.

Thousands of dairymen in over 30 countries rely on CowManager’s easy-to-install, user-friendly ear sensor system for an accurate understanding of their cows’ fertility, health and nutrition status.

CowManager is distributed and supported by a growing number of dealers throughout the world.



The People