Early disease detection based on individual cow behavior and ear temperature

CowManager monitors each cow 24/7, it is an extra eye on your herd. The system alerts immediately via easy to read and colored hourly behavior graphs on your smartphone or desktop when a cow is not eating or ruminating. It provides ongoing insights on the recovery of sick cows, enabling farmers to intervene fast when receiving a health alert. This leads to reduced antibiotics and labor, fewer cow losses, higher pregnancy rates and in the end higher milk production.
Give your veterinarians and herdsman visibility and control over your herd’s performance by providing them access to selected cow data via the Multiview functionality.

“With CowManager, early detection of mastitis, fresh cow illnesses and subclinical respiratory infections has been substantial. I am definitely catching the majority of sick cows earlier. In most cases, there is a faster recovery and the cows bounce back sooner.”
Michael Johnson, Trailside Holsteins LLC


Health at North Road Dairy

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CowManager Dashboard
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Coli treated on december 31st
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Temperature chart with group average - Animal with metabolic disorder
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Health graph per hour

Discover changes in behavior and ear temperature

In dept insights in easy to understand graphs offer great support in managing your herd. CowManager calculates 5 behaviors of the cow: rumination, eating, resting (not active), active and high active behavior. In the graphs of the health module you can see all these behaviors per cow in a certain time period (per day or per hour).
The temperature graph shows the ear temperature of the specific cow (blue line) compared to the average ear temperature of the total group (green line) in which the cow is classified. If the cow’s ear temperature is 7°C lower than the group ear temperature, and the cow has a health alert, the temperature icon is shown in the alert on the dashboard.
With all this data you can discover diseases like Displaced Abomasum, Mastitis, Ketosis and E-coli.

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Why choose
CowManager's Health module?

Thousands of dairymen in over 30 countries rely daily on CowManager for an accurate understanding of how their cows are doing – and for optimizing farm performance and cost-effectiveness. 


  • Combines ear temperature with cow behaviour
  • Leads to 1-2 days earlier health alerts before the cow is clinically sick
  • Gives ongoing insights on the recovery of your cows’ health
  • Saves costs: reduced cull rates, less antibiotics and labor
  • Monitors each cow 24/7

More Information about
CowManager's Health module