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Seeing is believing

We, as CowManager, are very confident in our cow-monitoring solution and we are more than happy to give customers the opportunity to experience CowManager themselves for 90 days. Because we believe that ‘seeing is believing’.

How does it work?

  • The customer purchases a minimum of 50 sensors (with a maximum of 40% of the herd) for hardware price only.
  • During 90 days the customer can use all modules and all other hardware (such as antennas) for free.
  • In these 90 days the customer will get training sessions by the CowManager specialist.

Interested in a 90 day Seeing is Believing experience? Fill in our contact form below with 'Seeing is Believing' as interest.
In the meantime, download the free Demo App and discover all the benefits of monitoring your herd 24/7 with CowManager.

“I was very reluctant when the first computerized 'cow translators' came out, but have to admit: they work! Why? Because the computer observes and reads the cow 24/7 non stop, there is no way we will ever be able to do that. I still believe cattle farmers are the best in sensing a cow's needs. Monitoring systems can help us in giving better, faster and more efficient/selective care.” VANBEDAF DAIRY, 1800 COWS, NORTH DAKOTA



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