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Find my Cow now available in the US/Canada

CowManager’s new module Find my Cow is now officially available for sale in the United States and Canada. Searching for cows in heat, sick cows, cull cows, and cows in wrong pens using Find my Cow saves you time and money.

Find my Cow is the latest addition to the smart cow monitoring solution of CowManager. The module is fully integrated with CowManager’s other unique modules Fertility, Health and Nutrition. This combination makes it easy to find cows in heat and intervene fast after receiving health alerts.

Saving labor and costs
During the entire Find my Cow project, CowManager kept its focus on the company’s vision to develop smart and easy to understand solutions to make producers’ lives easier, saving labor and costs. Find my Cow comes with a user-friendly cow locator device, which enables producers to find cows in the barn and outside on pasture quickly. The installation is very easy, no need for extra beacons or calibrations and the module is backwards compatible to all CowManager’s operational systems.

When using the CowManager web-application or mobile app, users can select the cow number(s) they want to find. The ear sensor will receive a signal that they have to present themselves to the Find my Cow locator. The locator can find cows up to 300-meter free line of sight. When walking into the barn or pasture, you will be guided via the easy to understand 7-colored user interface. Red means that you are far away from the cow and the greener it gets, the closer you are. Find my Cow also shows which employee found which cow at what time. The daily work-lists available on the locator are easy to use. Watch the Find my Cow product video.

Benefits of Find my Cow

  • Ease of use - simplicity of system and installation
  • Saving time - labor and costs in daily routines
  • Accuracy in finding cows
  • Full integration with CowManager
  • Available for herds from 10 to 10.000+ cows
  • Works inside the barn AND outside on pasture

Highlights from our test panel
“CowManager made my life unreal. Find my Cow is very easy to use. It made things so efficient to find out where your cow is instead of walking back and forth and looking at all your cow numbers. You hold it in your hand and it literally lights up. It helps saving labor and time and my employees love it!” View the full video testimonial. Katie Falk, Southern Ridge Cow Palace, United States, 600 cows

Sander Penterman from Dutch Dairy LLC also piloted Find my Cow. He believes this will help him and his employees spend less time looking for cows that need to be bred, treated or given special attention. “I’ll be able to walk by and find cows just standing in front of the feedline,” he says. Read more about Sander Penterman's experiences with CowManager. Sander Penterman, Dutch Dairy LLC, United States, 850 cows.

Also Dimitry Gruppen from Dittmannsdorfer Milch GmbH in Germany has tested Find my Cow during its pilot phase. He says: “I started testing Find my Cow a few months ago. My experience with Find my Cow is that it really saves me time I can now spend somewhere else at the farm. Find my Cow makes CowManager complete." Dimitry Gruppen, Dittmannsdorfer Milch GmbH, Germany, 3000 cows.

Get in touch and take advantage of 10% introduction discount on Find my Cow.
To introduce Find my Cow in the United States and Canada you now get a 10% discount on the software. The CowManager system is available all over the world, distributed and supported by several dealers. Fill out the form on our website to be contacted by a sales representative in your area. CowManager is distributed by the Select Sires Member Cooperatives in the U.S. and Canada.

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