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  • Dennley Farms Dennley Farms New Zealand
    CowManager sensor at Dennley Farms in Tirau, New Zealand.
    Adrian Ball: "We want to see cows that have high immunity and don't give us to many troubles"
  • Cor Veldhuisen Cor Veldhuisen Netherlands
    Cor en Jaco Veldhuisen uit Nigtevecht (Utr.) 130 Melkkoeien.

    Ik ben van 430 dagen tussenkalftijd gezakt naar 390.

    Dat is helemaal toe te schrijven aan sensoren.
  • Activity monitoring Activity monitoring United States
    One thing leads to another with activity monitoring at Benthem Brothers Dairy
  • Mike Marshall Mike Marshall New Zealand
    Mike Marshall a 550 cow dairy farmer in Otago, New Zealand, talks about his experience with the life changing CowManager system.
  • Paulus Dairy Paulus Dairy United States
    Testimonial Paulus Dairy LLC, 1,550 cows, Fredonia Wisconsin, United States.
    “I would like to think that we are good herdsmen and we
    do know our cows but it still does beat us to the punch with cows. It’ll pay for itself. It's a no-brainer as far as I'm concerned.”
  • Barry O’Mahony - The O’Mahony family in Ireland, 200 cows Barry O’Mahony - The O’Mahony family in Ireland, 200 cows Ireland
    ”CowManager is probably one of the most efficient investments we've made in the last few years. It looks after cow welfare better than we can ourselves. CowManager would catch us out sometimes and show us a cow that needs a bit of attention for some reason or other. And it allows us to intervene in a timely fashion where we can avoid using antibiotics and avoid sick cows or downer cows. Our sick group is constantly at a lower rate since we fitted it because we're intervening earlier.”
  • Nick Tyler - Kingsplay Farming  in United Kingdom, 580 cows Nick Tyler - Kingsplay Farming in United Kingdom, 580 cows United Kingdom
    The last nine months since we had CowManager running. With CowManager we're using very very little hormone intervention. We're relying on the data coming from the tag and we've seen about a ten percent rise in preg rate, which is great.
  • Stowell Farms Stowell Farms United Kingdom
    Bryn Moore, Herd manager at Stowell Farm in the U.K. talks about and shows the cowmonitoring system CowManager.
  • Santiam Dairy Santiam Dairy United States
    “These little tags have really changed the way we do business!” Drew Johnson – Santiam Dairy, United States
  • Dick Laan Dick Laan Netherlands
    Dick and Hetty Laan, The Netherlands
  • Double A Dairy Double A Dairy United States
    ‘Monitoring 10,000 cows within a blink of an eye’
  • Prairie Star Dairy Prairie Star Dairy United States
    John and Meghan Palmer
    “CowManager is an invaluable tool for our dairy”
  • Matthias Tibke Matthias Tibke Germany
    “With the implementation of CowManager we are much more flexible. In general, it is good to have an extra pair of eyes in the barn."
  • Family Scharninghausen Family Scharninghausen Germany
    “We chose CowManager because it shows us 3 totally different modules; Fertility, Health and Nutrition.”
  • David Edwards David Edwards United Kingdom
    CowManager Customer Satisfaction Tour ft. David Edwards
    Watch and see why UK dairyman David Edwards, invested in CowManager after advice from our dealer World Wide Sires - UK and why he would recommend it to other farmers.
  • Robert Mallet Robert Mallet United Kingdom
    CowManager Customer Satisfaction Tour ft. Robert Mallet
    Robert Mallet from North Leaze Farm in Hightworth (UK.) has 230 dairy cows ans implemented CowManager in their daily business. It's a no brainer.. it's going to pay for itself pretty much in the first year I think
  • Trailside Holsteins Trailside Holsteins United States
    Mike Johnson - Trailside Hoslteins, US
  • Deluur Dairy Deluur Dairy United States
    Improve the pregnancy rates and decrease the number of cull cows, with ease
  • Baas dairy Baas dairy Canada
    Bert Baas – Baas Dairy, Barrhead (Canada)
  • Strodthoff-Schneider Strodthoff-Schneider Germany
    Kundenerfahrung Family Strodthoff-Schneider
    Family Strodthoff-Schneider, Wir bewirtschaften einen familiären Milchviehbetrieb in der Wesermarsch mit 350 Kühen und weiblicher Nachzucht. Auf Grund des Wachstums unseres Betriebes, waren wir auf der Suche nach einem geeigneten Brunsterkennungssystem. Im Zuge dessen sind wir auf den CowManager gestoßen.
  • Family Beker Family Beker Netherlands
    Family Beker from Brummen, the Netherlands, 230 cows
    Enjoying the holiday season with your loved ones and at the same time have an eye on your herd... It's possible with CowManager! Jeroen Beker, shares: "The benefit of CowManager is that you can detect heats at all time. You have an extra pair of eyes in your barn 24 hours a day. And an activity sensor that gives real time information so I’m always able to see accurate data."
  • Family Wijers Family Wijers Netherlands
    Family Wijers from Voorst, the Netherlands, 200 cows
    Find out how this family owned dairy farm with 200 cows in Voorst the Netherlands implemented CowManager in their daily business.
  • Benninghoff Benninghoff Germany
    Customer Experience Benninghoff
    Marc Benninghoff explains how CowManager can help to make all the entire operations easier.
  • Milco Dairy Milco Dairy United States
    CowManager - Detect Sick Cows Sooner
    Nico Niessen, owner of Milco Dairy and County Line Dairy, and Paul Benders, manager, talk about how CowManager® helps them identify sick cows in their milking herd sooner than with manual detection. Learn more at
  • CM健康管理系統 第二集 CM健康管理系統 第二集 Taiwan
    CM健康管理系統 第二集 Agrimann Taiwan
  • Anchor Dairy Anchor Dairy Australia
    Anchor Dairy - the journey to beautiful milk
    At Anchor, we know it takes the best farms, quality pastures and the happiest cows to make the best dairy. But we also know that nature can do with a little help from time to time. With over 125 years of dairy experience, we know when, and where, nature can do with a little assistance. From best practice farming, to modern dairy processing technology Anchor is passionate about making our dairy the most beautiful it can be.
  • Capel Farms Capel Farms United Kingdom
    Stephen Morse – Capel Farms, Carmathenshire (UK)
  • Jon Losa Jon Losa United States
    CowManager Klanttevredenheid met Jon Losa - Losa Dairy
  • Steve Aamodt Steve Aamodt United States
    CowManager Customer Satisfaction ft. Hubbard – Oregon
    Listen to the story of Steve Aamodt, who started using the CowManager system last fall and shows that also pasture based dairy farms enjoy the benefits of CowManager
  • Mark Natzke Mark Natzke United States
    CowManager Customer Satisfaction ft. So-Fine Bovines
    Mark Natzke, independent nutritionist at So-Fine Bovines explains he really likes the CowManager system. It gives him very valuable information about a cow’s health, rumination and eating time.
  • Kelly Callahan Kelly Callahan United States
    CowManager Customer Satisfaction ft. Callahan Dairy - Washington
    Farming sometimes demands our time more than the cows do, and that challenge was part of the reason Kelly Callahan wanted to check out CowManager. Since installing the system, Kelly now has another set of “eyes” monitoring his herd 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Agrimann Taiwan Agrimann Taiwan Taiwan
    CowManager 健康管理系統,牛隻健康的守門員,牧場管理的得力助手!
  • Fir Ridge Holstein Fir Ridge Holstein United States
    CowManager Klanttevredenheid met Fir Ridge Holstein Farm LLC
  • Find my Cow Locator Find my Cow Locator United States
    Southern Ridge Cow Palace
  • Ben Kenna Ben Kenna Australia
    Ben and Anna Kenna, Terang, Australia 620 cows.
    'CowManager simplified the way we do things. We're now even able to get away for a couple of nights during joining season, which we've never been able to do in the past.' state Ben and Anna Kenna from Terang, Australia.
  • Steve Otteson Steve Otteson United States
    CowManager Customer Satisfaction Tour ft. Sassy Cow Creamery
    Steve Otteson, A.I. technician at East central/Select Sires, talks about and shows the cowmonitoring system CowManager.
  • Scott Bohnert Scott Bohnert United States
    CowManager Select Sires Customer Satisfaction ft. Scott Bohnert
    Scott Bohnert of Bohnert Jerseys. "It's so quick, easy and simple. That's the reason why we went for the CowManager system.'
  • John De Groot John De Groot United States
    CowManager Klanttevredenheid met John De Groot, Son Dairy
  • Brochure Brochure General
    The CowManager Brochure
  • Brochure Brochure General
    CowManager Brochure
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    CowManager Broschüre