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  • Virtual Farm Tour of Paulus Dairy LLC Virtual Farm Tour of Paulus Dairy LLC United States
    Virtual Farm Tour of Paulus Dairy LLC, 1550 cows, Fredonia Wisconsin, United States. Owned by Mike and Lori Paulus, their son Andy and daughter, Tiffany Schneider.
  • Big data platform Big data platform General
    CowManager introduces Fertility Insights and sets next steps towards big data platform
    Ray Nebel, VP Technical Service Programs at Select Sires Inc (the leading dairy and beef genetics companies in the world and dealer of CowManager in the United States) explains Fertility Insights is the next level of monitoring with CowManager.
  • Find my Cow How it Works Find my Cow How it Works General
    Find my Cow How it Work
  • CowManager App CowManager App General
    The new CowManager App:
    - Low battery usage
    - Search for specific cows
    - Detailed cow information
  • Network Analyzer Network Analyzer General
    CowManager Network Analyzer App
    How to use the CowManager Network Analyzer App on your Android Smartphone. For optimal router configuration.
  • Find my Cow easy Find my Cow easy General
    Save time with easy to use cow locator