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  • Stowell Farms Stowell Farms United Kingdom
    Bryn Moore, Herd manager at Stowell Farm in the U.K. talks about and shows the cowmonitoring system CowManager.
  • David Edwards David Edwards United Kingdom
    CowManager Customer Satisfaction Tour ft. David Edwards
    Watch and see why UK dairyman David Edwards, invested in CowManager after advice from our dealer World Wide Sires - UK and why he would recommend it to other farmers.
  • Robert Mallet Robert Mallet United Kingdom
    CowManager Customer Satisfaction Tour ft. Robert Mallet
    Robert Mallet from North Leaze Farm in Hightworth (UK.) has 230 dairy cows ans implemented CowManager in their daily business. It's a no brainer.. it's going to pay for itself pretty much in the first year I think
  • WWS Brochure WWS Brochure United Kingdom
    The CowManger Brochure from WWS United Kingdom
  • Capel Farms Capel Farms United Kingdom
    Stephen Morse – Capel Farms, Carmathenshire (UK)