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  • Cor Veldhuisen Cor Veldhuisen Netherlands
    Cor en Jaco Veldhuisen uit Nigtevecht (Utr.) 130 Melkkoeien.

    Ik ben van 430 dagen tussenkalftijd gezakt naar 390.

    Dat is helemaal toe te schrijven aan sensoren.
  • Dick Laan Dick Laan Netherlands
    Dick and Hetty Laan, The Netherlands
  • Agrovision Agrovision Netherlands
    De CowManager brochure voor Nederland van Agrovision
  • Family Beker Family Beker Netherlands
    Family Beker from Brummen, the Netherlands, 230 cows
    Enjoying the holiday season with your loved ones and at the same time have an eye on your herd... It's possible with CowManager! Jeroen Beker, shares: "The benefit of CowManager is that you can detect heats at all time. You have an extra pair of eyes in your barn 24 hours a day. And an activity sensor that gives real time information so I’m always able to see accurate data."
  • Family Wijers Family Wijers Netherlands
    Family Wijers from Voorst, the Netherlands, 200 cows
    Find out how this family owned dairy farm with 200 cows in Voorst the Netherlands implemented CowManager in their daily business.
  • Brochure Brochure General
    The CowManager Brochure
  • Brochure Brochure General
    CowManager Brochure
  • Broschüre Broschüre General
    CowManager Broschüre