Improve herd performance with in-depth insights in eating and rumination time.

Nutrition is of great importance to a cows’ performance. It also accounts for the largest portion of the variable costs on farms. Monitoring your herd’s performance closely and adjusting your ration and management in time is key to successful feed and transition management. CowManager’s smart ear sensors measure the eating, rumination, activity and ear temperature of cows. The smart algorithm within the Nutrition module provides you actionable insights regarding the behavior of each group of cows. Timely notifications help you to focus your attention where it is needed most:

  • cows at risk during the transition period
  • heat stress
  • low feed intake
  • herd health

These insights and alerts foster you to approach herd management in a preventive, proactive, and precise manner.

Identify cows at risk weeks before calving

The transition period is the primary risk period where 75% of all adult cow disease events occur. In the past we could only dream of cows at risk being identified days or weeks before they became sick. Today this has become reality. Dry cows with decreased eating and rumination behavior will be flagged as being at risk of becoming sick after calving. Early intervention prevents losses and results in a healthier herd.

Nutrition Transition Monitor



Decrease susceptibility for diseases by heat stress

We all know that heat stress has a negative impact on cow health. It leads to increased susceptibility to diseases, it impairs reproduction and reduces milk production. Cows’ that suffer from heat stress start panting, they have decreased eating and rumination time and they spend less time laying down. Ear temperature and eating behavior are perfect parameters to identify heat stress in an early stage. The Nutrition module provides alerts when heat stress is expected. Heat stress can be prevented by improving your heat abatement strategies.

Optimized and consistent feed management

Cows are creatures of habit. They perform best when every day follows a routine pattern. The Nutrition module offers full insight into the eating, rumination, and activity of each group of cows. The comparison functionality makes it easy to compare certain groups or time frames with each other, allowing you and your advisors to evaluate the impact of ration changes and feed management in a fact-based and quick manner. The Nutrition module provides you with the tools to take your feed and transition management to the next level.

Nutrition Group Monitor





Why choose CowManagers' Nutrition module?

  • Full insights to make data-driven decisions on feed and transition management
  • Prevents diseases by identifying cows at risks and heat stress timely
  • It gives more control to achieve the goals set for your herd
  • Increases peak milk production as a result of healthier fresh cows
  • Saves costs: reduced feed and vet costs, less labor

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