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The SensOor is an innovative product developed by Agis Automatisering. It comprises a moulded chip that can be clicked into the ear tag of a cow for monitoring cow welfare 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The CowManager SensOor system contains 3 modules: fertility, health and nutrition. The SensOor saves labour and ensures a sustainable herd.

The SensOor is simply attached to a Supertag ear tag that has been specifically designed for Agis and has a loss rate of less than 1%. A so-called coordinator is connected to the computer for the transmission of data. If the distance to the computer is long, a router (signal booster) is installed. The CowManager software program immediately displays oestrus or illness detection on your own PC, tablet or mobile without delay. 

Research conducted in cooperation with the laboratory of the Wageningen University has shown that farmers using the SensOor chip have an oestrus detection success rate of 98%. On average, the SensOor reports illness two days earlier than detection by the farmer by other means. SensOor therefore, enables the farmer to intervene faster to prevent further damage. Easy and efficient. 

SensOor guards your herd day and night with an eye for detail. SensOor helps you to know your cows better. The result is an increased welfare of your cows and consequently, better economic results of your farm. Who wouldn’t want that?

Once you have tried the SensOor you won’t want to try anything else!

The SensOor offers:

  • Optimal oestrus detection
  • Precise timing of insemination and a reduction in the number of inseminations
  • Shortening of the calving interval
  • Rapid detection of disease outbreaks
  • Continuous monitoring of the herd
  • An understanding of eating behaviour and dietary change
  • Continuous measuring of rumination behaviour

The SensOor:

  • Is not expensive to buy or maintain
  • Detects oestrus, rumination/eating behavior and disease in one sensor
  • Is winner of the Herman Wijffels Innovation prize

The SensOor: the eye of your farm, even when you are not looking...

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